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Ask for circuits for analog system design assignment help.

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The exhaustive list of topics in Circuits for Analog System Design in which we provide Help with Homework Assignments and Help with Projects is as follows:

  • Circuits for Analog System Design.
  • Transistor basis-Transistor as a switch.
  • Transistor as amplifier.
  • Problems in the transistor amplifier.
  • Temperature drift and device to device variation. How to solve them. 3-transistor op amp to solve the above problem.
  • Use of op-amp for different applications and basic issues in use of op amps.
  • Designing a linear power supply using op amp.
  • Selection of components.
  • Design of heat sink and design of transformer for the linear power supply.
  • Low drop out regulators.
  •  Errors due to resistance drift.
  • Op amp offset voltage drift.
  • Offset current drift.
  • Error budgeting.
  • Design of an on/off temperature controller.
  • Design of different types of heater drive circuits.
  • Thyristor and transistor based drive circuit design.
  • Error budgeting.
  • PID temperature controllers.
  • PID parameter selection.
  • Constant current sources with error budgeting.
  • Design of 4-20 ma current transmitter for resistance sensors.
  • Design of 4-20 ma current transmitter for LVDT sensor.
  • Design of oscillator circuits.
  • Errors in the op amp circuit for ac amplifiers.
  • Errors in ac application.
  • Instrumentation amplifier.
  • Phase sensitive detection and use of the same for lock-in amplifier design.
  • ADC /DAC converter types.
  • Use of ratio metric converters.
  • Error budgeting for the different types of ADC/DAC.
  • Band gap zenors and other reference diodes.