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Maple is a computer algebra system developed written in C and Java and sold by a Canadian company Maplesoft. Maple’s first concept arose from University of Waterloo in November 1980. The current major version of the software is version 2015. Maple has interfaces to various other languages like excel, C, C#, Fortran, MATLAB, Visual Basic and Java.

Maple software consists of the user interface and the computational engine. User interface is used to enter, analyse and manipulate mathematics. The computational engine is a command processor which has Kernel and library of maths. Maple functionalities are provided by libraries.

In maple user interfaces can be created and user can enter mathematical notations. Maple codes can be written for integration, determinant, plotting function of single variable and two variable, series expansion, solve equation set solve equation numerically, animation of function and many more. Maple supports MathML 2.0 to represent and interpret mathematical expressions and their display on web.


Maple engine is used for various purposes, some of which are listed below:

  • Maple is used as a computational engine
  • User can work with Maple Worksheets which contains interactive components
  • MapleSim is a Engineering simulation tool
  • Mathcad versions till 2006 had Maple-derived algebra engine
  • In MATLAB, the Symbolic Math Toolbox contained a portion of the Maple 10 engine

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