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Python is a general-purpose, interpreted high-level programming language which has main emphasizes on code readability. The syntax of python is very simple and expressive. Its  scripting supports multiple programming paradigms which includes- Object- oriented programming Imperative and functional programming styles. Often used as a scripting language, it is also used in a large range of non-scripting contexts. The code of python is packaged into standalone executable programs. Python interpreters are available for many operating systems. It is a multi-paradigm programming language it means that it support object-oriented programming and structured programming and a number of language features which support functional programming and aspect-oriented programming.

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Some of topics in Python, from to basic to advanced, are mentioned below:


• HTML And Python
• Variables
• Comments
• Operators
• Controls And Loops
• Functions
• Events
• Error And Exceptions Handling
• Functions
• Input And Output 

Advanced topics

• Modules
• Classes
• Handling Cookies
• Browser And Session
• Validation
• Date And Time
• Data Compression
• String Pattern Matching
• File Handling
• Graphs 

Python Data Structure

• String
• Array
• Stacks
• Queues
• Lists
• RegExp (Regular Expressions)
• Dictionaries