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    The exhaustive list of topics in Advanced Transport Phenomena in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

    • Types/Uses of Control Volumes; Notion of Conservation Principles and Constitutive Laws; Illustrations of Use.
    • Conservation Principles: Mass, Momentum, Energy, Entropy; Alternative Forms; statement of Assumptions.
    • Constitutive Laws: Diffusion Flux Laws/ Coefficients, general constraints; Momentum/ Energy/ Mass Diffusion Laws; Multi-component mass diffusion; Reaction rates, mechanisms, time-scales.
    • Momentum Transport Mechanisms, Rates & Coefficients in CRFS.
    • Energy Transport Mechanisms, Rates & Coefficients in CRFS.
    • Mass Transport Mechanisms, Rates & Coefficients in CRFS.
    • Analogies & Similitude Analyses with Application to CRFS.
    • Problem-Solving Techniques, Aids, Philosophy.