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  • ARP
  • WAN - Wide Area Network
  • FTP
  • DAN - Desk Area Network
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Layered communication architecture
  • Packed switching
  • Network Topologies - Bus, Star, Ring
  • Multiple access protocols
  • OSI
  • Internet, Extranet, Ethernet
  • IPv4 - Internet Protocol Version 4
  • Media Topography
  • LAN - Local Area Network
  • Token ring
  • Collisions
  • Peer to peer networking
  • MAC Address
  • SMTP
  • 10 gigabit Internet
  • Network applications
  • LAN Card
  • WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
  • Client-server model
  • HTTP
  • Semantics
  • Gigabit internet 
  • Types of network - WAN, LAN, SAN, WLAN, MAN, CAN, PAN, DAN
  • OSPF
  • TCP/IP syntax
  • PoE
  • PAN - Personal Area Network
  • MAN - Metropolitan Area Network
  • ATM
  • Routing
  • CAN - Campus Area Network or Controller Area Network
  • IPv6 - Internet Protocol Version 6

One way to look at layering in a network is as "an isolation of concerns."

No networking information would be complete without discussing the fact that IP networks (and SNA networks, too) are implemented as layers.

TCP/IP-based layered network

TCP/IP-based layered network

Each layer has certain capabilities (in the form of protocols) that it is required to uphold. For example, the IP layer does not include reliability of delivery, while the TCP layer does not concern itself with routing details.


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