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The exhaustive list of topics in Bio Organic Chemistry in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

Bioorganic Chemistry:  

  1. Bioorganic Chemistry; Historical Connection Between Organic and Biological Chemistry
  2. Weak Interactions in Organic and Biological World
  3. Proximity Effect in Organic Chemistry
  4. Molecular Recognition
  5. Chemistry of the Living Cells
  6. Analogy Between Biochemical and Organic Reaction 
  • Bioorganic Chemistry of Amino Acids:
  1.  Chemical Biology
  2. Chemistry of Peptide Bonds
  3. Asymmetric Synthesis of a-Amino Acids
  4. Peptide Secondary Structures and Tools for Stabilization
  5. Natural ß -amino Acids and ß-peptides
  6. ß-Turn Peptidomimetics
  7. ß-lactam based peptidomimetics
  8. Expanding the Genetic Code: Background
  9. Synthesis and Application of Unnatural Amino acids
  • Bioorganic Chemistry of Enzymes:
  1. Enzyme Catalysis and Kinetics
  2. The Catalytic Triad L.
  3. Enzyme Inhibiton and Drug design
  4. Enzyme in Organic Chemistry
  5. Antibody Catalyzed Organic Reaction
  6. Enzyme Models: Biomimetic Polyene Cyclisation
  7. Squalene Biosynthesis 
  • Bioorganic Chemistry of Nucleic Acids:
  1. Sugars and bases
  2. Conformation of sugar-phosphate backbone; hydrogen bonding by bases; the double helix; A, B, and Z double helices
  3. Absorbance, Stability of Double Helix
  4. DNA intercalators
  5. Chemical synthesis of DNA
  6. Catalytic RNA, siRNA; micro RNA
  7. Expanding the Genetic Alphabets: Background
  8. Synthesis and Application of Unnatural Nucleosides
  9. Fluorescence spectroscopy in DNA Chemistry
  10.  Fluorescently Labeled Nucleosides and oligonucleotide probes
  11. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs) and Introducing Hap Map Project
  12. Homogeneous DNA Detection
  13. Microarray based DNA Detection
  14. Peptide Nucleic Acids
  15. Antigene/Antisense Therapy; Goal for Personalised Medicine
  • Bioorganic Chemistry of ß-Lactam Antibiotics:
  1. Bacterial Resistance, Activity of ß-lactamas
  2. Biosynthesis of Clavulanic Acid
  3. Synthesis of ß-lactams
  4. ß-lactam based antibiotics