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Boards, Blocks, and Drivers

The exhaustive list of topics in Boards, Blocks, and Drivers Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Use I/O Boards
    • I I/O Boards and Drivers
    • ISA Bus Board
    • PCI Bus Board
    • PC/104 Board
    • Compact PCI Board
    • PCMCIA Board
  • I/O Driver Blocks
    • Channel Selection
    • Routing Signals from an I/O Block
    • Real-Time Windows Target Library
  • Analog I/O Drivers
    • I/O Driver Characteristics
    • Normalized Scaling for Analog Inputs
  • Vector CAN Drivers
  • Scope Output Delayed or Missing
  • Simulink Scope Block
  • S-Functions Using Math Functions
  • Older Models
  • Custom I/O Driver Blocks
  • I/O Register Access from S-Functions Limitation
  • Incompatibility with Win32 API Calls
  • Supported C Functions