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Avail your catalyst science technology assignment help

Catalyst science technology gives many students sleepless nights. If it is challenging you, instead of giving up, ask for professional help. We have been offering catalyst science technology assignment help for more than a decade, and therefore we understand what it takes to help students get the best grades. We are committed to ensuring that all assignments are delivered on time, they are of high quality, and the charges are pocket-friendly. Hire an expert from our team and enjoy the best grades.

The exhaustive list of topics in Catalyst Science and Technology in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Introduction and Basic concept of green catalysis.
  • Solid acids and bases as catalysts , Application of catalyst functionality concepts for control of reaction selectivity and kinetic models.
  • Kinetics and reaction on surfaces, Application of functionality concepts for control of reaction selectivity and microkinetic models.
  • Steps in catalytic reaction (Adsorption, Kinetic models, interparticulate and intraparticle transport process.
  • Selection and design and Preparation of catalysts.
  • Textural Properties of solid catalysts.
  • Characterization of catalysts.
  • Zeolite catalysts , preparation, characterization and applications.
  • Optimal distribution of catalyst in a pellet.
  • Environmental catalysis.
  • Commercial Catalytic Reactors ( Adiabatic, fludized bed, trickle bed , slurry etc.).
  • Industrially important catalysts and processes such as oxidation, processing of petroleum and hydrocarbons, synthesis gas and related process.