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The exhaustive list of topics in Chemical Engineering Design in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Design procedure of heat transfer equipment
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient and dirt factors
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers - construction details
  • Selection algorithm
  • Design codes
  • Mean temperature difference
  • General design considerations
  • Tube-side heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop
  • Shell-side heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop
  • Design of condensers for single vapors
  • Heat transfer coefficient correlations for condensation inside and outside of tubes of the vertical and horizontal condensers
  • Pressure drop in condensers
  • Reboilers
  • Vaporizers and evaporators - Pool boiling
  • Convective boiling
  • Selection of reboilers, and vaporizers
  • Design of reboilers
  • Vaporizers and evaporators
  • Drawing of evaporators
  • Design of distillation column
  • Degree of freedom analysis
  • Various design methods of distillation column
  • General design consideration of multicomponent distillation
  • Plate efficiency
  • Tray hydraulics of sieve and valve - trays
  • Packed columns - type of packing, packed bed height, column diameter, column internals, design methods, Design of liquid-liquid extraction equipment
  • Design of pressure vessel
  • Introduction of codes for pressure vessel design
  • Design of cylindrical and spherical shells under internal and external pressure
  • Selection and design of closures
  • Selection of gaskets
  • Selection of standard flanges
  • Optimum selection of bolts for flanges
  • Design of flanges
  • Design of lug support and saddle support including bearing plates and anchor bolts