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The exhaustive list of topics in Chemical thermodynamics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Laws of Thermodynamics
  1. Chemical Systems and Surroundings
  2. Isothernal, Adiabatic and Isobaric Processes
  3. Energy, Enthalpy and Exact Differentials
  4. Heat Capacities
  5. Joule Thompson Effect
  6. Entropy
  7. Heat Engines and Heat Pumps
  8. The Third 
  • Free Energy and Equilibria
  1. Helmoltz and Gibbs Free Energies
  2. Free Energies of Formation
  3. Gibbs Helmoltz Equation
  4. Free Energy tables and Equilibrium Constants
  5. Criteria for Spontaniety
  • Gase, Liquids and Solutions
  1. Fugacities and their determination
  2. Equations of State
  3. Entropy and Free Energy of Mixing
  4. Partial Molal Quantities and the Chemical Potential
  5. Activities and Activity Coefficients
  6. Debye Huckel Theory and Extensions
  7. Determination of Activity Coefficients 
  • Thermodynamics of Surfaces
  1. Surface and Interfacial Tension
  2. Adsorption
  3. Adsorption Isotherms
  4. Gibbs and Langmuir isotherms
  • Statistical Thermodynamics
  1. Probability and Maxwell Boltzmann distribution
  2. Molecular Partition Functions
  3. Electronic, Vibrational, Rotational Partition Functions
  4. Translational Partition Function
  5. Thermodynamics from partition Functions
  6. Equilibrium Constants
  7. Heat Capacities
  8. Heat Capacities of Solids
  9. Debye and Einstein Models
  • Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics
  1. Postulates and significance of nonequilibrium thermodynamics
  2. Entropy Production for heat transfer, chemical reactions and diffusion
  3. Onsager’s formulation and limitations
  4. Onsager’s reciprocity relation – verification using chemical reactions, electrokinetic and thermoelectric effects-I
  5. Onsager’s reciprocity relation – verification using chemical reactions, electrokinetic and thermoelectric effects-II
  6. Nonequilibrium stationary states and the Curie-Prigogine symmetry principle
  7. Multicomponent diffusion and Onsager’s Coefficients
  8. Conductance of electrolytes using Onsager’s approach.