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The exhaustive list of topics in Colloid and Interface Science and Engineering in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Surface Tension
  • Adhesion and capillarity:
    • Molecular to meso-scopic concepts
    • Theories and applications.
    • Intermolecular, nanoscale and interfacial forces in organic, polymeric, biological and aqueous systems.
  • Van der Waals, electrostatic, acidbase, depletion interactions, entropic effects.
  • Nanoscale, Mesoscale and surface thermodynamics.
  • Stability and utilization of nanoparticle dispersions: DLVO and DLVO like theories and kinetics.
  • Nanomechanics and nano-fluidics.
  • Mesoscale phenomena in soft matter and industrial applications.