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The exhaustive list of topics in Computation Structures in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Machine language programming issues
  • Data Types  
  • Pipelined Beta implementation, bypassing
  • Beta instruction set architecture, compilation
  • Communicating processes: semaphores, synchronization, atomicity, deadlock
  • Devices and interrupt handlers, preemptive interrupts, real-time issues
  • Data Mutation  
  • Multipliers
  • Virtual memory: mapping, protection, contexts
  • Canonical forms; synthesis, simplification
  • Parallel processing, shared memory, cache coherence, consistency criteria
  • Digital abstraction, combinational logic, voltage-based encoding
  • Non-pipelined Beta implementation
  • Data Abstraction  
  • Multilevel memories; locality, performance, caches
  • Sequential logic
  • Communication issues: busses, networks, protocols
  • Environment Model  
  • Models of computation, programmable architectures
  • Synchronization, metastability
  • Pipeline issues: delay slots, annulment, exceptions
  • Scheme Basics
  • Pipelining; throughput and latency
  • Virtual machines: timesharing, OS kernels, supervisor calls
  • Procedures, Processes, and Recursion
  • Storage elements, finite state machines
  • Cache design issues
  • Stacks and procedures
  • CMOS technology, gate design, timing