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Conduction radiation assignment help from the best tutors

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The exhaustive list of topics in Conduction And Radiation in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Radiation from a black body:
    • Three modes of heat transfer- conduction, convection and radiation. Importance of radiation, Mechanism of radiation, Electromagnetic spectrum.
    • Black body, derivation of black body radiation laws from first principles – Planck's law, Stefan Boltzmann law, Wien's displacement law. Universal black body function, F function charts.
  • Radiative properties of non-black surfaces:
    • Spectral directional emissivity, defintion of total and hemispherical quantities, hemispherical total emissivity.
    • Spectral directional absorptivity, Kirchoff law, directional and hemispherical absorptivity, hemispherical total absorptivity.
    • Bi-directional reflectivity, bi-hemispherical spectral reflectivity, hemispherical total reflectivity.
    • Particiating media and concept of transmissivity, total transmissivity.
  • View factors:
    • Need for view factors, concept of view factors, mathematical definition.View factor Algebra, Hottel's crossed string method, view factors for 2D surfaces using algebra.
    • View factors from 2D surfaces using charts.
  • Enclosure analysis:
    • Radiosity Irradiation method for gray diffuse enclosures – Problems for 2 and 3 surface enclosures – parallel plate formula, radiation shields, concept of re-radiating surface.
  • Gas Radiation:
    • Gas radiation – The equation of transfer – derivation Simple solutions to the equation of transfer.
    • Mean beam length – Calculation of mean beam length for simple geometries from charts and formula.
    • Engineering treatment of gas radiation in enclosures – modified enclosure theory – problems to illustrate the modified enclosure  theory.
  • conduction:
    • Derivation of energy equation for conduction in three dimensions – Initial and boundary conditions. Solution of simple problems in steady state  conduction with analytical solutions – Concept of electrical analogy – fin heat transfer and concept of fin efficiency and fin effectiveness.
  • Unsteady conduction:
    • Biot number – Lumped capacitance formulation – simple problems – unsteady conduction from a semi-infinite solid- solution by similarity transformation method.
    • Solution of the general 1D unsteady problem by separation of variables and charts-  example problems.
  • 2D steady conduction and phase change problems:
    • Laplace equation – solution by variable separable method – concept of superposition and homogeneous boundary conditions.
    • Phase change problems – The Stefan and Neumann problems – analytical solutions.
  • Numerical solution of conduction problems:
    • Finite difference method – forward, backward and central differences – Discretization for the unsteady heat equation – simple problems.
    • Basis ideas of the finite volume method – application to Laplace and Poisson equations.