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Customization of HDL Filter Code

The exhaustive list of topics in Customization of HDL Filter Code Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • HDL File Names and Locations
  • HDL Identifiers and Comments
    • Entity or Module Name Conflicts
    • HDL Reserved Word Conflicts                                                                 
    • Component Instance Names                                            
    • Vector Names                                                                                  
    • Postfix String for VHDL Package Files                                       
    • Header Comment                                                                           
    • Postfix String for Process Block Labels                                      
    • Prefix for Filter Coefficients                                                                                  
  • Ports and Resets
    • HDL Ports                                                                             
    • Asynchronous or Synchronous Reset Logic                                        
    • Asserted Level for the Reset Input Signal                                              
    • HDL Data Type for Data Ports                                                      
    • Reset Logic                                                                          
  • HDL Language Constructs
    • VHDL Constants
    •  Input Type Treatment                                            
    • VHDL Syntax for Concatenated Zeros                                       
    • VHDL Inline                                                 
    • Verilog Time Scale Directives                                                       
    • VHDL Loops                                                                        
    • Complex Data and Coefficients