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The exhaustive list of topics in Database System And Design in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

General introduction to database systems Homework Help

  • Database-DBMS distinction
  • Approaches to building a database
  • Data models, Database management system
  • Three-schema architecture of a database
  • Challenges in building a DBMS
  • Various components of a DBMS

E/R Model Homework Help

  • Conceptual data modeling – motivation
  • Entities, Entity types
  • Various types of attributes
  • Relationships, Relationship types
  • E/R diagram notation Examples

Relational Data Model Homework Help

  • Relational Data Model Homework Help
  • Concept of relations
  • Schema-instance distinction
  • Keys, referential integrity and foreign keys
    1. Relational algebra operators Homework Help
      • Selection, Projection
      • Cross product
      • Various types of joins, Division
      • Example queries
    2. Tuple relation calculus
    3. Domain relational calculus
    4. Converting the database specification in E/R notation to the relational schema

SQL Homework Help

  • Data definition in SQL
  • Table, key and foreign key definitions
  • Update behaviors
  • Querying in SQL
  • Basic select- from- where block and its semantics
  • Nested queries - correlated and uncorrelated
  • Notion of aggregation
  • Aggregation functions group by and having clauses
  • Embedded SQL

Dependencies and Normal forms Homework Help

  • Importance of a good schema design
  • Problems encountered with bad schema designs
  • Motivation for normal forms, dependency theory - functional dependencies

Armstrong's axioms for FD's Homework Help

  • Closure of a set of FD's
  • Minimal covers
  • Definitions of 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF
  • Decompositions and desirable properties of them
  • Algorithms for 3NF and BCNF normalization
  • Multi-valued dependencies and 4NF
  • Join dependencies and definition of 5NF

Data Storage and Indexes Homework Help

  • File organizations, Primary
  • Secondary index structures
  • Various index structures - hash-based
  • Dynamic hashing techniques
  • Multi-level indexes
  • B+ trees

Transaction processing and Error recovery Homework Help

  • Concepts of transaction processing
  • ACID properties
  • Concurrency control
  • Locking based protocols for CC
  • Error recovery and logging
  • Undo, Redo, Undo-redo logging and recovery methods