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    Are you tired of late assignment deliveries? Hire our online dynamic optimization & economics applications assignment help tutors with efficient and timely solutions. We have been in the business of providing dynamic optimization & economics applications homework help to students, and our main aim has been to better your grades. To guarantee you first-class solutions, we ensure that your homework is handled by the best online tutor based on his/her level of education and experience. What is more, we ensure that your homework goes through our quality control department for a quality checkup before the final copy is handed to you. Hire us today and experience the most amazing online experience.
    The exhaustive list of topics in Dynamic Optimization & Economic Applications (Recursive Methods) in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

    • Repeated Games and Dynamic Contracts
    • Preliminaries; Euler Equations and Transversality Conditions; Principle of Optimality
    • Bounded Returns; Differentiability of Value Function; Homogenous and Unbounded Returns; Applications
    • Deterministic Global and Local Dynamics
    • Stochastic Dynamic Programming; Applications; Markov Chains
    • Weak Convergence; Applications
    • Continuous-Time Dynamic Programming and Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman PDE Equations
    • Stochastic matching mechanisms
    • One-sided matching: house allocation and market problems
    • Motivations
    • Basic mechanism design and auction theory
    • Mechanism design and auction theory
    • Two-sided matching: stability, many-to-one vs. one-to-one, and small cores in large markets
    • Bargaining with Complete Information
    • Two-sided Asymmetric Information
    • Bargaining with Incomplete Information
    • Bargaining with Incomplete Information
    • Stochastic matching mechanisms
    • Theory
    • Bargaining with Heterogeneous Beliefs
    • Higher-order Uncertainty
    • Unawareness