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2021-03-22The exhaustive list of topics in EHV Power Transmission Engineering in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Electrical power transmission at high voltages.
  • Overhead transmission  lines :
    • Bundled conductors
    • Resistance
    • Inductance and capacitance calculations of EHV line configurations
    • Computation of surface voltage gradient on conductors.
  • Corona:
    • Power loss due to corona
    • Radio noise and Audible noise and  their measurement as well as computation.
  • Electric Field under transmission lines and its computation.
  • Mechanical vibration of  bundled conductors.
  • Overhead line insulators:
    • Ceramic and non-ceramic types
    • Insulator performance in polluted environments
    • Mitigation  of pollution induced flashover.
  • HV cable transmission - Underground cables and Gas insulated transmission lines.
  • HV  substations - AIS and GIS.
  • Over voltages in power systems, Temporary, lightning and Switching over voltages, over voltage computation.
  • Design of line insulation for power frequency voltage, lightning and switching over voltages, Insulation characteristics of long air gaps.
  • Protection of station apparatus and transmission lines  against over voltages
  • Surge arresters
  • Shielding of transmission lines against lightning using ground wires.
  • Insulation Co-ordination.
  • Grounding of transmission towers and substations.
  • Use of FACTS devices in EHV transmission.