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The exhaustive list of topics in EJB in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Features That Are Implemented By An Ejb Container On Behalf Of Application Components
  • Role-Based Authorization Policies To Ejbs
  • Invoke Ejb Sessions From Java Web Applications
  • Ejb Timers To Defer Processing Or Establish Regularly Scheduled Tasks
  • Declare And/Or Program Transaction Boundaries, Persistence Contexts, And Exception Handling To Properly Control Persistence Logic
  • Stateless Session Beans As Part Of A Service Layer Or Soa
  • Jpa Entities To Represent Persistent Data Records Within The Java Application
  • Interceptors To Perform Generic Processing Before, After, Or Around Ejb Business-Method Invocations
  • Transactional Behavior Of The Application Through Declarative And Programmatic Techniques
  • Role Of Ejb In The Broader Java Ee Platform
  • Systems Of Entities To Manage Complex Data Models Including 1:1, 1:N, And N:N Associations
  • Message-Driven Beans To Process Queued Messages Asynchronously
  • Dependency Injection And Jndi Names To Assemble Complex Web/Ejb Systems With Minimal Fuss And Maximal Flexibility