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The exhaustive list of topics in Electromagnetic Fields in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Electrostatics:
    • Scalar and Vector fields
    • Coulomb’s Law and concept of Electric Field
    • Divergence, the Divergence Theorem and Gauss’ Law
    • Concept of Electrostatic Potential, Poisson’s Equation
    • Energy in the Field, Capacitance
    • capacitance of common two-plate capacitors, including two-wire capacitors
    • Dielectrics, dielectric boundary conditions
    • Solution of Laplace’s Equation and Poisson’s Equation in 1-D. Capacitance calculations with multiple dielectrics
  • Magnetostatics:
    • Force due to a Magnetic field, Force due to combined Electric and Magnetic fields
    • Biot-Savart Law, calculation of Magnetic Field for simple coil configurations
    • Ampere’s Law
    • Magnetic flux, Stokes theorem
    • Magnetic materials, magnetic boundary conditions
    • Inductance calculations from phi=L*I, for common geometries
    • Force on a dipole
  • Slowly Time-Varying Systems:
    • Frames of reference and motional emf. Faraday’s law
    • Stored energy in the magnetic field. The Inductance equation
    • Examples from electric machines and transformers
  • Time-Varying Fields:
    • The Displacement current. Maxwell’s Equation
    • The wave equation in 1-Dimension
    • Solution of the wave equation. Plane waves
    • Wave propagation in vacuum and lossy dielectrics
    • Skin depth and frequency dependence of lumped elements
    • Energy transport by waves. The Poynting vector
    • Reflection at boundaries. Normal incidence formula. Impedence matching.