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The exhaustive list of topics in Elementary Numerical Analysis in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

Polynomial and piecewisepolynomial Interpolation:

  • Divided Difference, Lagrange and Newton Form
  • Osculatory Interpolation

Numerical Integration:

  • Some Basic Rules, Gaussian Integration, Composite Rules
  • Adaptive Quadrature, Romberg integration

Numerical Differentiation

Vector and Matrix Norms

Solution of System of Linear Equations:

  • Gauss Elimination Method, Partial Pivoting
  • Jacobi and GaussSeidel Methods
  • QR factorization using reflectors

Eigenvalue Problem:

  • Basic properties:
  • Eigenvalue location:
  • Power Method and its variants

Initial Value Problems:

  • Single step methods such as Euler's Method, RungeKutta
    Methods, Taylor series method
  • Multistep methods such as AdamsBashforth method, Milne's method
  • PredictorCorrector Formula: AdamMoulton method

Boundary value problem:

  • Finite Difference method

Solution of nonlinear system of equations