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Environmental psychology assignment help at an affordable price

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The exhaustive list of topics in Environmental Psychology in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Environmental Psychology : Nature and salient features. World view in Psychology and Environmental Psychology, Environment Behavior theories: Arousal, Environmental Load, adaptation level. Behavior constraints, Ecological and Environmental Stress Approach.
  • Research Methodologies in Environmental Psychology: experimental, correlational and descriptive methods of data collection in environmental Research, Evaluating the adequacy of environmental research, ethical considerations in Environmental Research.
  • Environmental cognition : Nature and characteristics ; Theories of environmental cognition : Development, Information Processing, spatial knowledge acquisition, Hierarchical ordering of spatial knowledge. Substantive areas of environmental cognition. Cognitive distance and cognitive mapping.
  • Environmental Perception and Attitudes: Nature of Environmental Perception, Perception of movement, adaptation and change. Assessment of Scenic environment: Forming, Measuring and changing attitudes towards environment.
  • Environmental stress: Nature and characteristics: Natural disasters, Technological catastrophe. Noise, Heat and Air pollution: Nature, characteristics and their influences on behavior with special reference to Indian conditions.
  • Spatial Behavior: Personal Space: Nature, measurement, determinants, consequences of personal space invasion, Territoriality: Types and theoretical interpretations: Researches on Human territoriality.
  • Crowding, Concept, physiological and behavioral consequences, theories of crowding, overload, arousal, density intensify, behavior constraints, control; social interaction demand, sequential and eclectic, reducing the causes and effects of crowding.
  • Environmental psychology and community; Quality of life, social process and socialites, preventive intervention; social support and personal control: areas of intervention; Residential neighborhood and urban environments;
  • Changing behavior to save the environment: environmental education, prompt, reinforcement, techniques, specific environmental problems: Littering energy conservation, transportation and vandalism.