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The exhaustive list of topics in Experimental And Social Psychology in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Fundamentals: The Social Psychological approach, Theories in Social Psychology learning, cognitive, motivational, sociological and biological theories, Research considerations Experimental versus Applied Social Psychology.
  • Person - Perception: Evaluating peoples, Explanation of impression-formation, Nonverbal behavior.
  • Social Cognition: Social inference, schemas-schematic processing, mental shortcuts, schema use, and schemas in action.
  • Attribution: Basic principles attribution about others; attribution about self, cognitive and motivational biases, illusion of control.
  • Attitudes: Determination and characteristics, origin and theories of attitudes.
  • Attitude change: A model of persuasion and processes, the communicator, communication, the target, the situations and their roles, attitude change through induced behavior, cognitive dissonance and self-perception theories. Attitude change over time.
  • Attitude and Behavior relationship: the Lapiere study and its extension strength, stability, relevance and salience of attitudes situational pressures ; the reasoned action model and its evaluation.
  • Interpersonal attraction: attachment and loneliness, Basic principles and theories of interpersonal attraction; Personal characteristics, similarity dissimilarity, familiarity and proximity.
  • Personal Relationship: Characteristics, Social Exchange perspective reward and costs, evaluating outcomes coordination of outcomes. Fair Exchange, balance of power, conflicts, satisfaction and commitment, Aggressive behavior Media violence.
  • Aggression: Definitions and distinctions: Sources of Anger, Learning Aggression, Aggressive behavior Media violence.
  • Pro-social behavior: basic definitions, bystander intervention; theoretical perspective on helping; The expense of receiving help.
  • Conformity and compliance and obedience to authority.
  • Behavior in group structure and dynamics ; Group influence, Social facilitations, Social loafing, polarization, group think, mob-behavior, leadership contingency theory ; Bargaining and negotiation ; Inter-group conflict.