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Fundamentals of Transport processes assignment help

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The exhaustive list of topics in Fundamentals of Transport Processes in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Dimensional analysis.
  • Limitations of unit operations approach.
  • Diffusion due to random motion
  • Estimates of diffusion coefficient from kinetic theory and for turbulent flow.
  • Steady and unsteady diffusion in one dimension from a flat plate.
  • Equivalence of heat, mass and momentum transport for unsteady one dimensional diffusion.
  • Steady and unsteady transfer to a cylinder - balances in cylindrical co-ordinates.
  • Effect of pressure in fluid flow.Steady and unsteady flow in a pipe.
  • Method of separation of variables.
  • Oscillatory flow in a pipe.
  • Use of complex analysis for oscillatory flow.
  • Boundary layer analysis.
  • Free surface flows down an inclined plane.
  • Combination of convection, diffusion.
  • Derivation of balance laws for stationary control volumes as partial differential equations for heat, mass and momentum transfer.
  • Balances in cylindrical and spherical coordinates.
  • Diffusion dominated transport in three dimensions.
  • Fourier's law
  • Fick’s law as partial differential equations.
  • Solution of temperature field in a cube using spherical harmonic expansions.
  • Temperature field around a spherical inclusion.
  • The use of separation of variables.
  • Spherical harmonics.
  • Equivalent point charge representations.
  • Thermal conductivity of a composite.
  • Effect of convection at low Peclet number.
  • Regular perturbation expansion for streaming flow past a sphere.
  • Convection at high Peclet number.
  • Boundary layer solutions for streaming past a sphere.
  • Computational solutions of diffusion dominated flows.