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The exhaustive list of topics in Game Theory and Political Theory in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows: 

I. Games of Complete Information

  • Dominant strategies, pure strategies, mixed strategies, and Nash equilibrium.
  • Examples include the duopoly, and spatial electoral competition.
  • Covers more than two players.
  • Examples include "truel," oligopoly, and tragedy of the commons.
  • Examples include rent-seeking, lobbying, and resource allocation.
  • Backwards induction, and subgame perfect equilibrium.
  • Examples include the centipede game, the Stackelberg duopoly, and legislative rules.
  • Examples include the prisoners' dilemma, battle of the sexes, matching pennies, and chicken.
  • Continuous strategy spaces.
  • Examples include 2-player sequential bargaining, and bargaining in legislatures.
  • Examples include sophisticated voting and agenda control.
  • Examples include the development of cooperation, and overlapping generations.

II. Games of Incomplete Information

  • Bayesian Nash equilibrium.
  • Examples include the battle of the sexes again, auctions, and the revelation principle.
  • Perfect Bayesian equilibrium.
  • Examples include signaling games and nuclear deterrence.
  • Examples include cheap talk and the informational role of committees.
  • Examples include the reputations.