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Our Experts at Assignmentpedia provides the complete solutions to your assignments on genetics which deals with the principles and mechanism of genes and how they are inherited by humans. All your homework and project are provided in the citation format of you choice and are appropriate for you. Students from various countries like UK, UAE, USA, Australia and Canada have availed our services. Our experts ensure that you get maximum grades in your assignments.

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The exhaustive list of topics in Genetics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Study and terminology of genetics.
  • Model Genetic systems.
  • Mendelian genetics.
  • Deviations of Mendel’s   genetics: Linkage   and   Sex   linked   Inheritance,   Gene.
  • Interactions, Maternal and extra nuclear Inheritance.
  • Recombination, mechanism of recombination and mapping.
  • Transposable Elements.
  •  Genetic diseases and their mechanisms based in chromosome number variation, changes in chromosome structure,  gene  mutation,  X-chromosome  inactivation, mutagenesis  and  mutant  selection.
  • Genetic imprinting.
  • Human genetics: Genetic disorders, patterns of inheritance, Diagnosis.
  • Cytogenetic.
  • Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetic Counselling and  Epigenetic.
  • Population Genetics, Developmental Genetics, Immunogenetics, Genes and Evolution and Cancer Genetics.