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High-speed semiconductors devices homework help

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The exhaustive list of topics in High Speed Semiconductor Devices in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • High Speed Semiconductor Devices.
  • High Speed = Short transit time
  • Quantum theory, Bohr theory of atoms, quantum mechanics' postulates
  • Quantum mechanical
  • Block theorem and Kroeing Penney model of periodic potential wells, energy band theory of solids
  • E-K diagrams, Brillonim zones, idea of Holes and effective mass
  • Mobility of carriers, intervalley electron transfer or Gunn effect, Ballisti transport
  • Density of states in energy bonds and carrier statistics
  • Generation - Recombination process
  • Diffusion and carrier transport
  • p-n junction diodes, transient response of diodes
  • Varactor Diodes, PIN diodes
  • Schottky barrier diodes, IMPATT diodes
  • MBE & MOCVD for fabricating compound semiconductor devices
  • HBT and HEMT
  • Scattering Parameters and 2 port circuits, S parameter measurement, Smith chart
  • Resonators and oscillators, Amplifiers
  • Mixers, Detectors, Optical receiver design.