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Illuminating engineering assignment help by experienced tutors

We offer high-quality illuminating engineering assignment help to students from all corners of the world at an affordable price. Our online assignment help services are timely and handled by top-notch tutors, most of whom practice illuminating engineers. We know that illuminating engineering is both broad and complex, and that’s why our dedicated team of experts strives to deliver original, easy-to-understand content. Hire us today and get the best solutions.
The exhaustive list of topics in Illumination Engineering in which we provide Help with Homework Assignments and Help with Projects is as follows:

  • Radiation & colour Eye & vision
  • Different entities of illuminating systems
  • Light sources: daylight, incandescent
  • Electric discharge
  • Fluorescent, arc lamps & lasers
  • Luminaries, wiring, switching & control circuits
  • Laws of illumination
  • Illumination from point, line and surface sources
  • Photometry and spectrophotometry; photocells
  • Environment and glare
  • General illumination design
  • Interior lighting – industrial, residential, office departmental stores, indoor stadium, theater and hospitals
  • Exterior lighting- flood, street, aviation and transport lighting, lighting for displays and signaling- neon signs, LED-LCD displays beacons and lighting for surveillance
  • Utility services for large building/office complex & layout of different meters and
  •  protection units
  • Diferent type of loads and their individual protections
  • Selection of cable/wire sizes; potential sources of fire hazards and precautions.
  • Emergency supply – stand by & UPS
  • A specific design problem on this aspect