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The exhaustive list of topics in Inorganic chemistry in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Structure and bonding of Main group compounds
  • s-Block elements:
  • Group 1 and 2 elements:
    The elements and compounds; Coordination chemistry: Complexation with acyclic and macrocyclic ligands; Organometallic compounds: synthesis and reactivity of organolithium, beryllium and magnesium compounds.
  • p-Block elements:
  • Group 13 elements:
    1. The elements and compounds; Synthesis, structure and reactivity of diborane and higher boranes, (styx notation) carboranes, boron halides, boron-oxygen compounds, boron-nitrogen compounds.
    2. Polyhedral skeletal pair theory and calculation, isolobal analogy.
    3. Organometallic compounds: metallocarboranes, aluminium organyls.
    4. compounds of gallium and indium.
  • Group 14 elements:
    1. The elements and compounds; Silanes, silenes and related compounds of Ge, Sn, silicon halides, silicates.
    2. Organometallic compounds: silicon organyls and silicone polymers.
    3. germanium, tin and lead organyls.
  • Group 15 elements:
    The elements and compounds; Halides, oxides, and oxoacids of phosphorus, Phosphorus-nitrogen compounds.
  • Group 16 elements:
    The elements and compounds; Oxygen and oxides; Halides, oxides, and oxoacids of sulphur, Sulphur-nitrogen compounds.
  • Group 17 elements:
    1. The elements and compounds; Chemistry of halogen and interhalogen.
    2. Compounds.
  • Group 18 elements:
    The elements and compounds.