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The exhaustive list of topics in Investment Management in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Equity & other types of securities; market indexes
  • Buying on margin; short sales; regulation
  • Market structure, types of orders, & costs
  • Contract specs; marking-to-market
  • Strategies, no-arbitrage, & index futures
  • Scenario analysis, expected return & risk
  • Utility functions, risk aversion,& capital allocation
  • Portfolio statistics, the efficient frontier & the Markowitz model
  • Index models
  • The CAPM and related issues
  • Empirical evidence and Market efficiency
  • The money and bond markets
  • Interest rate risk: Duration and Convexity
  • Mutual funds: Performance evaluation and portfolio management
  • ETFs
  • Hedge funds
  • Options: Binomial and Black Scholes Model and uses
  • Equities: Dividend discounted cash flow methods, market ratios, free cash flows