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Learning disabilities and development problems assignment help

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The exhaustive list of topics in Learning Disabilities And Development Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Definition, Identification and Assessment: Problems and Issues in the definition of learning Disability Operational zing problems, psychological process problems, interest groups, demand problems.
  • Identification of Disorders Causing Learning Disabilities: Minimal Brain Dysfunction, (MBD), Aphasia or Dysphasia, Dyslexi and Word-Blindness, Perceptual and Perceptual-Motor Impairment, Neurological impairment, Hyperkinesias.
  • Approaches to assessment of Learning Disabilities: Current Models of Assessment, Problems of Classification, and Alternative Models of Assessment using Direct and Frequent measurement, Educational Diagnosis Ability and skill models. Academic Achievement Component, Discrepancy Component, Types of Educational Testing. Formal and Informal Evaluation.
  • Specific Learning Disabilities: Language and Reading Disabilities, Numerical and Arithmetic Disabilities, Attention Problems, Perceptual and Perceptual-Motor Problems, Social-Emotional Problems, Motivational Problems.
  • Treatment Approaches : Early Intervention, Educational Services : Remediation of language deficits, reading improve Approaches. Standardized & teacher-constructed tests Perceptual-Motor Training Selective intervention technique for scale management skills, Psychological Services: Applied Behavior Analysis, Cognitive behavior modification, Computer-assisted instruction. Use of Psycho stimulant drugs.
  • Research Approaches to Understanding Children’s Behavioral problems: Assessment and Diagnosis: Standardized Tests Behavioral Approaches: Etiology: Genetic, perinatal, demographic, and postnatal; Treatment: Psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, behavior therapy.
  • Developmental Disorders: Their assessment, etiology and treatment. Mental Retardation: Moderate, severe and profound; Conduct Disorders: Impulsivity, delinquency, anti-social behavior; Anxiety and Phobias: Separation anxiety, over anxious, identity disorder; Disorders affecting physical functioning. Eating and sleep Disorders, elimination Disorders.