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The exhaustive list of topics in Learning And Memory in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Pavlovian and Instrumental Conditioning : Concepts and procedures. Reinforcement and response strength, Sensitization, Pseudo conditioning ; exposure learning and habituation ; Distinction and interaction between Pavlovian and Instrumental learning ; Constraints on learning.
  • Conditioning and Reinforcement : Basic variable : Compound conditioning, overshadowing and blocking ; contrast effects; token rewards and conditioned reinforcement, Time-relations selected theoretical Issues : Imitative and observational learning. Extinction-basic variables and theories.
  • Avoidance-learning and Punishment : Acquired drives and emotions, Avoidance learning, learned helplessness; Punishment - its various roles in learning.
  • Verbal Learning : Methods and materials used in verbal learning, Results and problems, learning strategies, Nature of Associations in verbal learning.
  • Memory and forgetting : The three analytic concepts -stage, encoding and task theories of forgetting - interference theory and stimulus encoding variability theory.
  • Sensory memory : Iconic memory - methods of study properties and the evolution of a process model, Echoic Memory - methods and properties.
  • Short-term Memory : The concept of encoding ; Eidetic imagery ; visual imagery and Pavio’s dual trace theory. Primary memory dual-process versus uniprocess controversy; and nature of forgetting in STM.
  •  Long term episodic memory : Effects of repetition and organization of memory in free-recall, Retrieval.
  • Semantic Memory : Types of semantic structures, activation of semantic structures, Memory of language, Text Processing.