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The exhaustive list of topics in Legal Aspects of Property and Land Use in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with project is as follows:

  • Property, Justifications and Competition
  • Comparative Law of Property and Land Use and International Development Policy
  • Property, Slavery, Race and Discrimination
  • First Possession and Labor
  • First Possession and Conquest
  • Property, Sovereignty and Takings
  • Fair Use of Property, Support Easements and Nuisance
  • Urban Dilemmas: Land Invasions, Housing Rights and Evictions
  • Courts, Policy and Flexibility
  • Property, Fairness and Access
  • Redressing the Legacy of Apartheid in South Africa: Rural Land Restitution
  • Security of Property and Adverse Possession
  • Contestation over Property Rights in India
  • Development Displacement, Contests over Land and Housing Rights
  • Public Accommodations, Antidiscrimination and Access Rights
  • Property, Planning and Public Regulation
  • Property and Economic Discrimination
  • Servitudes, Licenses and Easements
  • Competition versus Property Including Corporations
  • Public Policy Limits on Trespass
  • Covenants
  • Land-use Planning, Limits to Zoning and Environmental Regulation
  • Property, Land-use and Private Restraints
  • Public Trust and Private Property
  • Land-use Planning and Zoning
  • International Development Policy Prescriptions of Property
  • Common Ownership and Housing
  • Property and Sex-based Discrimination