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Low power VLSI circuits and systems assignment help

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The exhaustive list of topics in Low Power VLSI Circuits & Systems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • MOS circuits Homework Help
  • MOS Transistor structure and device modeling
  • MOS Inverters
  • MOS Combinational Circuits - Different Logic Families
  • Dynamic Power Dissipation
  • Static Power Dissipation
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Device feature size scaling
  • Multi-Vdd Circuits
  • Architectural level approaches: Parallelism, Pipelining
  • Voltage scaling using high-level transformations
  • Dynamic voltage scaling
  • Power Management
  • Hardware Software Tradeoff
  • Bus Encoding
  • Two’s complement Vs Sign Magnitude
  • Architectural optimization
  • Clock Gating
  • Logic styles
  • Variable-threshold-voltage CMOS (VTCMOS) approach
  • Multi-threshold-voltage CMOS (MTCMOS) approach
  • Power gating
  • Transistor stacking
  • Dual-Vt assignment approach (DTCMOS)
  • Adiabatic Switching Circuits
  • Battery-aware Synthesis
  • Variation tolerant design

  • Sources of Power dissipation Homework Help
  • Short Circuit Power
  • Switching Power
  • Gliching Power
  • Supply Voltage Scaling Approaches Homework Help
  • Switched Capacitance Minimization Approaches Homework Help
  • Leakage Power minimization Approaches Homework Help
  • Special Topics Homework Help