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Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The exhaustive list of topics in Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with project is as follows:

  • Dynamics of technological innovation
  • Industrial implications of technological innovation
  • Competitive implications of market and technology dynamics
  • Exploring innovations: experimentation and iteration
  • Systematizing innovation
  • IDEO
  • Scoping technology: Advanced Inhalation Research
  • Iterating design: Team New Zealand
  • Experimenting with markets: innovation at 3M
  • Capstone: Iridium
  • Executing innovations: organizing to execute
  • Organizing innovation teams: 'The Bakeoff'
  • Organizing flexible processes; 'Internet Time' exercise
  • Incentivizing and organizing innovators: GSK
  • Organizing innovation between firms and communities; One Laptop Per Child, innovation communities Incentivizing and organizing external innovators: D-Wave
  • Negotiation innovation work between firms and academia (SpudSpy & negotiation exercise)
  • Exploiting innovations: options, portfolios and platforms
  • Dynamics of the market for ideas; designing the value chain
  • Leveraging portfolio development: A123 (Visitor: Ric Fulop, Founder A123 Systems)
  • Capstone: leveraging platforms in online video gaming (Visitor: Cyrus Beagly, Sloan '02)
  • Portfolio management processes: le Petit Chef
  • Renewing innovations: organizing disruption
  • Internal vs. external sources of renewal: Intel
  • Renewing innovation - Corporate venturing: IBM Alphaworks
  • Renewing innovation - Internal venturing: GE imagination breakthroughs