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The exhaustive list of topics in Mathematical Logic in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Propositional Logic:

         Syntax, Unique parsing, Semantics, Equivalences, Consequences, Calculations, Informal

  • Normal Forms and Resolution:

         Clauses, CNF and DNF representations, Adequacy of calculations,   SAT, Resolution
         refutation,Adequacy of resolution.

  • Proof Systems:

          Axiomatic system PC, Adequacy of PC, Analytic tableau PT,  Adequacy of PT,  
          Compactness of PL.  

  • First Order Logic:

          Yntax of FL, Scope and binding, Substitutions, Semantics of FL,       Quantifier laws,
           Equivalences, Consequences.

  • Normal Forms in FL:

          Calculations, Informal proofs, Prenex forms, Skolem forms,  Herbrand's theorem,
          Skolem-Lowenheim theorem, Resoltion in FL

  • Proof Systems for FL:

          Axiomatic system FC, Analytic tableau FT, Adequacy of FC and FT, Compactness in FL