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Mental measurement assignment help to guarantee you the best grades

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The exhaustive list of topics in Mental Measurement in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Measurement: Nature of Psychological measurement Basic assumptions of test theory-obtained scores, true scores and error component.
  • Test construction: Steps involved in test construction: Statistical techniques used in item analysis, Standardization and norms.
  • Reliability of measures: Nature and Methods, Statistical criteria for parallel tests; effects of tests length and group heterogeneity on reliability of speed tests.
  • Validity of tests: Nature and types, validating criteria relationship between reliability and validity, cross validity.
  • Psychological tests: Characteristics, classification and applications of tests, speed versus power tests.
  • Tests of general mental ability, Standford-Binet, WAIS, achievement and aptitude tests, DAT, differential testing of abilities.
  • Measurement of attitudes and interests, scaling techniques.
  • Basic statistics: Special correlation, partial and multiple correlations, procedure and application, factor analysis.
  • Issues in Psychology Testing and measurement.