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The exhaustive list of topics in Methods Of Psychological Research in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Research Problem, Hypothesis, Sampling and Classification of Psychological researches, Experimental and correlational.
  • Experimental Research: Distinguishing features-manipulation, control and measurement of variables.
  • Experimental Designs with relevant statistics.
    • Between group: Two conditions and more than two randomized groups ; factorial design (Two and three factors).
    • Within groups: Two conditions and more than two conditions.
    • Mixed Design : Two matched group ; Randomized block designs ; Mixed factorial designs with replication on one or two factors.
  • Non-parametric statistics.
  • Quasi-experimental Research Designs ; Correlational Researches, Distinguishing features and data collection techniques-interview, scales, questionnaires, observation systems, participant-non participant method of observation, Ex-post facto, Field studies, content analysis and survey.
  • Coefficient of correlation : Kendal’s tau, Partial correlation, the concept of partial correlation, statistical computation and its Limitations
  • Methodological and ethical issues in Psychological research.