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Microarray Analysis

The exhaustive list of topics in Microarray Analysis Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Managing Gene Expression Data in Objects
  • Representing Expression Data Values in DataMatrix
  • Objects
    • DataMatrix Objects
  • Representing Expression Data Values in ExptData
  • Objects
    • ExptData Objects
  • Representing Sample and Feature Metadata in MetaData Objects                           
    • MetaData Objects
  • Representing Experiment Information in a MIAME Object
    • MIAME Objects                                      
  • Representing All Data in an ExpressionSet Object
    • ExpressionSet Objects                                                 
  • Visualizing Microarray Images
    • Microarray Data Set                                          
    • The Mouse Example                                        
    • Scatter Plots of Microarray Data                                             
    • Spatial Images of Microarray Data                                         
    • Statistics of the Microarrays    
  • Analyzing Gene Expression Profiles
    • Clustering Genes                                             
    • Data Set                                      
    • Filtering Genes                                     
    • The Yeast Example                                          
    • Principal Component Analysis          
  • Detecting DNA Copy Number Alteration in Array-Based CGH Data
  • Exploring Gene Expression Data