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Mortgage-Backed Securities

The exhaustive list of topics in Mortgage-Backed Securities Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • What Are Mortgage-Backed Securities?
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage Pool
    • Option-Adjusted Spread
    • Prepayment Vectors
    • Mortgage Pool Valuation
    • Mortgage Prepayments
    • Pools with Different Numbers of Coupons Remaining
    • Prepayments with Fewer Than 360 Months Remaining
    • Risk Measurement
  • Prepayment Modeling with a Two Factor Hull White
  • Model and a LIBOR Market Model
  • Pricing Mortgage Backed Securities Using the
  • Black-Derman-Toy Model
  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs)
  • PAC and Sequential CMO