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The exhaustive list of topics in Nuclear & Particle Physics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Nuclear Properties: Radius, Mass, Binding Energy, Angular Momentum.
  • Nuclear forces: Deuteron, nucleon-nucleon interactions, Yukawa hypothesis, Pi-meson exchange model.
  • Nuclear Models: Shell Model, Spin-orbit interactions, Collective Model, nuclear rotations and vibrations.
  • Radioactive Decays: General Properties, Quantum theory of radioactivity, Radioactive dating. Alpha Decays, Beta Decays, Gamma Decays.
  • Nuclear reactions: Conservation laws, energetics, cross sections, Coulomb Scattering, Nuclear Scattering, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion
  • Linear accelerators, cyclotrons, synchrotrons, basic particle detectors, modern complex detectors.
  • Mesons and baryons, Leptons and quarks, quark model, strong isospin, strange quark, Gell-Mann- Okubo mass relation, colour charge.
  • Hadron structure, electron-proton scattering, proton form-factors, parton model, Bjorken Scaling.
  • Current-current interactions, nuclear beta-decay, Parity violation, V-A Theory, Charge conjugation, Interacting Vector Boson theory, Weak neutral currents, CP violation, Electroweak Interactions.
  • Noether’s theorem, Gauge transformations, U(1) gauge theory and Electromagnetic Interactions, QED, Non-abelian gauge symmetry, QCD.
  • Broken symmetries, spontaneous symmetry breaking, Goldstone’s theorem, SU(2) gauge symmetry, Higgs Mechanism, Massive gauge bosons.
  • Glashow-Weinberg-Salam Model of particle interactions, Masses of fermions.