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Nuclear Reactor Technology

The exhaustive list of topics in Nuclear Reactor Technology in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Reactor system & Three stage Indian nuclear power programme.
  • Classification of reactors, characteristics of research, test & power reactors with examples.
  • Core configuration & cycle diagrams of thermal reactors (BWR, PWR, PHWR, AGR, HTGR, AHWR) and Fast Reactors.
  • Reactors – Characterisitics, Selection criteria and comparison of different core and structural materials for reactor internals.
  • Thermal Reactors: Basic principles of heat generation, heat sources and distribution, steps involved in heat removal from reactor systems, heat flow and temperature distribution in plate and solid cylindrical fuel elements.
  • Primary heat transport system including steam generators, shut down cooling, emergency core cooling system, moderator system.
  • Auxiliary systems: Ventilation, annulus gas, process water and fire water systems.
  • Secondary systems: Description of flow sheet and major components, Comparison of operating conditions: thermal cycles and major components of thermal and nuclear units.
  • Typical reactivity balance, Reactor control system – requirements of physics aspects, reactor shut down mechanisms.
  • FBR neutronics: Neutron spectrum, reaction cross-section, core characteristics, blanket characteristics, breeding potential, breeding ratio, breeding gain and doubling time.
  • Fast Breeder Reactors: Breeding, breeders as inexhaustible energy source.
  • Characteristics and types of fast reactors, comparison of some characteristics of fast and thermal reactors, role of fast reactors in Indian nuclear power programme.
  • General features of fast reactor core: Introduction, specific power, power density, linear heat rating, burnup, fluence. Operating condition, Requirement and choice of core materials: Fuel, absorber, coolant & structural materials.
  • Core engineering: Design constraints - linear rating, maximum temperature of clad, coolant velocity, outlet temperature of coolant, pressure drop in core, core height/diameter ratio, blanket thickness, shielding thickness
  • Heat transport system: Introduction to sodium technology – Properties, characteristics and complexities. Heat transport circuit system components.