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Numerical computation for mechanical engineers homework help at an affordable price

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The exhaustive list of topics in Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Numerical Calculus; Elementary Programming Concepts
  • Functions in MATLAB
  • MATLAB matrix/vector operations
  • MATLAB backslash (least squares)
  • Passing functions; anonymous functions
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Double-index MATLAB arrays
  • Linear Algebra: Matrices and Least Squares
  • Regression
  • Elements of a program; MATLAB® basics
  • Single-index MATLAB arrays (FP)
  • Linear Systems
  • MATLAB eig
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Characters and strings
  • MATLAB sparse matrix operations
  • MATLAB sparse backslash
  • Nonlinear Problems
  • MATLAB structures