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The exhaustive list of topics in Operations Research in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Linear Programming: OR Models, Convex Sets, Graphical Method, Simplex Method, Big M Method, Two Phase Method.
  • Duality and Sensitivity Analysis : Primal – Dual construction, Symmetric and Asymmetric Dual, Weak Duality Theorem, Complimentary Slackness Theorem, Main Duality Theorem, Dual Simplex Method, Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Transportation and Assignment Formulation of Transportation Problem, Initial Feasible Solution Methods, Optimality Test, Degeneracy in TP; Assignment Problem, Hungerian Method, Traveling Salesman Problem.
  • Game Theory and Sequencing : Two Person Zero Sum Game, Pure and Mixed Strategies, Algebraic Solution Procedure, Graphical Solution, Solving by Linear Programming; Sequencing Problem, Processing of n Jobs Through Two Machines and m Machines, Graphical Method of Two Jobs m Machines Problem.
  • Inventory and Queuing Models: Classical EOQ Models, EOQ Model with Price Breaks, EOQ with Shortage, Probabilistic EOQ Model, Newsboy Problem. Elements of Queuing Model, Pure Birth Death Model, Single Server and Multi-server Markovian Models with Infinite and Finite Capacity, Machine Repair Model, Networks of Queues.