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The exhaustive list of topics in Operations Strategy in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  •  Operations Strategy & Competitiveness:
    World of operations in 2020 – Operations Management in the organizational   chart - Operations as a service –.Operations Strategy and Competitive dimensions – Operations and Corporate Strategy – Strategic Fit – A framework for Operations Strategy in Manufacturing, Services.
  • Role Of Manufacturing /Operations In Business Strategy:
    Value as business concept strategic issues in manufacturing –Value Chain concept Focus , core competence and distinctive capabilities – stake holders & strategy.
  • Methodology For Developing Operations Strategy:
    Checking markets , Outcome of Market debate – Linking manufacturing to Markets – strategic integration – why products sell in the markets – Order Winners, Order Qualifiers.
  • Dynamic Markets & Generic Strategies:
    Technology strategy –Issues in New Product development Time to market – strategic nature of process– Business implication of Process choice – Hybrid Process .
  • Product /Service Profiling:
    Procedure – company or plant based profiles – decisions for product reallocation – down sizing – Capacity decisions. Progression & Regression
  • Operations Strategy Implementation:
    Evaluating various trade offs alternatives – Focussed manufacturing – Product or process focus – Make or Buy – merits /demerits – value chain approach – just in time – lean manufacturing– Quality as strategic factor – CAD/CAM/CIM . Delivering Value to customer.
  • Manufacturing Infrastructure Development:
    Importance, issues involved – organizational issues operational approaches to improving delivery system, controlling operations – key performance Indicators, PQCDSM .
  • Investments Decisions:
    Linking investments to Product life Cycle and Risk reduction – fast market feed back – use of IT – organizational learning –Traditional accounting and financial perspectives and operations strategy.