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The exhaustive list of topics in Organic Chemistry in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Structure and Bonding:  Basic principles, resonance, hyperconjugation, tautomerism, effects on reactivity, structure and functions of selected organic molecules.
  • Stereo chemistry: Elements of symmetry, chirality, stereoisomerism and stereogenic centre, configurational descriptors, topicity, isomerism in molecules with more than one chiral centre, resolution, Conformational analysis of cycloalkanes, conformational dependence of reactivity, elementary ideas about stereospecific and stereoselective reactions.
  • Structure and reactivity: Types of reactions, transition states and intermediates, methods of determining mechanisms and isotope effects, generation, structure, stability and reactivity of carbo cation, carbanion, free radicals, carbenes and nitrenes – The Hammett equation, linear free energy relationship and Taft equations; principles of concerted reactions. 
  • Aromaticity: Aromaticity, anti-aromaticity, Huckel’s rule, homoaromaticity, n-annulenes and hetero annulenes.
  • Rearrangements: General mechanistic considerations, nature of migration, migratory aptitude, rearrangements involving migration to C, N and O.