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The exhaustive list of topics in Perception Thinking in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • The problem of perception and basic psychophysics : The problem, theoretical status ; Psychophysical Questions, Methods, Basic sensitivity of the perceptual system.
  • Theory and Measurement of Discrimination : The Continuity and noncontinuity issue. Theory of signal detection, and information theory.
  • Attention : Concept and dimensions, Selective attention. Determinants and function : Theories of selective attention, sustained attention : problem, its psychophysics, theories and current status. Perceptual constancies and form perception, space perception, constancies; lightness and size, illusions of size.
  • Stability - instability paradox, figure formation and organization principles, illusion-nature and theories.
  • Cognitive and motivational influences: Target identification, color perception, selection and attributive judgment, Novelty and complexity.
  • Language and Thought : Language : Structure of language, language and Memory.
  • Concept formation : The representation of concepts, conceptual processes, How concepts are formed. The structure of concepts, concepts and prototypes, conceptual rules.
  • Problem solving: The organization of problem solving simple problem, solving multi-step problems, creative problem solving.
  •   Reasoning logic and Human Performance: Syllogistic Reasoning, Testing propositions.