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Physics of soft condensed matter homework help by experienced tutors

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The exhaustive list of topics in Physics of Soft Condensed Matter in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Length, time and energy scales in condensed matter systems: Phenomenology of soft condensed matter systems: Liquid crystals, polymers, membranes, colloidal systems, phase behaviour, diffusion and flow, viscoelasticity.
  • Order Parameter, Phases and Phase transitions: Mean-field theory and phase diagrams, defining order parameters, elasticity, stability, metastability, interfaces, liquid crystal physics as examples, Frank free energy, Landau-de Gennes model of  isotropic-nematic transition, Onsager's mean field theory, nematicsmectic transition.
  • Colloidal systems: Â Poisson-Boltzmann theory, DLVO theory, sheared colloids, stability of colloidal systems, measurement of interaction.
  • Polymers: Model systems, chain statistics, polymers in solutions and in melts, flexibility and semi-flexibility, distribution functions, self-avoidance, rubbe elasticity, viscoelasticity, reptation ideas.
  • Membranes: Fluid vs. solid membranes, energy and elasticity, surface tension, ÂÂ curvature, de Gennes-Taupin length, brief introduction to shape transitions.
  • Dynamics and Numerical Methodologies: Stokes limit, Rouse and Zimm Model for polymers, membranes, relaxation, computational studies, multiscale modeling.