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The exhaustive list of topics in Protein Folding Problem in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment is as follows:

  • Side-chain
  • Sulfur redox chemistry
  • The Anfinsen
  • Globular protein structure
  • Protein interiors
  • Protein Database (PDB)
  • Helix-helix packing in globular proteins
  • Beta-sheets
  • Beta-sheet packing
  • Thermal denaturation
  • Coiled coils
  • Refolding of Tropomyosin
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • S-peptide helical folding
  • Detecting partially folded intermediates
  • Prolyl isomerization
  • Cytochrome c refolding pathway
  • 2-D NMR techniques
  • Collagen structure and folding in vivo
  • Procollagen folding in vitro
  • Protein calorimetry
  • Protein misfolding and aggregation
  • Ribosome channel
  • Nascent chains
  • Trigger factor
  • Chaperonin assisted folding
  • Eukariotic chaperonins
  • Membrane protein (rhodopsin) folding and assembly
  • Prion diseases