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The exhaustive list of topics in Psycho Diagnostics And Therapeutics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Nature of diagnosis, Referral questions, outline for a case study and the assessment process.
  • Methods of assessment (a) psychometric tests as clinical tools (Intelligence test, S.B., Weschler and test of special abilities) Projective tests, Rorschach test, Holtzman Ink Blot test, T.A.T
  • The assessment interview, Research on the verbal and non verbal aspects of interview. Reliability and validity of interview.
  • Self report inventories, responses sets and bias, The use of MMPI.
  • Behavioral assessment.
  • Interpreting, synthesizing and communicating assessment findings.
  • Freudian Psycho-analysis.
  • Human Existential Psychotherapy ; Rogers and Gestalt Therapy.
  • Behavior therapy, Techniques, Specially systematic desensitization.
  • Group and family therapy.
  • Psychotherapy: Studies of out come research.