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Table Of Contents
  • Python


  • Create and run basic programs.
  • Design and code modules and classes.
  • Grasp of the diversity of subpackages that make up scipy.
  • Implement and run unit tests.
  • Classes and object-oriented programming in Python.
  • Python's flow control statements.
  • basics of Python.
  • Code graphical interfaces for applications.
  • Create and run unit tests.
  • Modules.
  • Define classes.
  • Handle errors and exceptions.
  • Application with the file system.
  • Network services.
  • Leverage OS services.
  • Process XML and JSON data.
  • Process XML data.
  • Query databases.
  • Read input and produce output.
  • Variables and work with Python's data structures.
  • Conditional expressions.
  • Numbers and strings in Python.
  • Python's Modules.
  • Regular Expressions.
  • Manipulate arrays with numpy.
  • Manipulate images with PIL.
  • Process XML and JSON.
  • Solve equations with sympy.
  • Benchmarks and profiling to speed up programs.
  • iPython notebooks for ad hoc calculations, plots, and what-if?